Goodbye Galaxy, proud strong lion

It is with aching hearts that we must share that our beautiful lion, Galaxy, has passed away. We observed a sudden and steady decline in his appetite and mobility over the course of a few days. Dr Peter Caldwell quickly came to examine Galaxy, which included an ultrasound of his abdomen. During the ultrasound and … Read more

Panthera Africa arranges tiger relocation

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary situated near Cape Town in the Western Cape, successfully arranged and assisted with the relocation of two Siberian Tigers to the ethical sanctuary Love Lions Alive Project. Ban Animal Trading (BAT) contacted Panthera Africa last year, in the hope, that we would be able to give the tigers a forever … Read more

Veterinary Clinic funded by International Organisations

Panthera Africa is proud to announce that we have received funding from the following organisations for the building of a new veterinary clinic: Olsen Animal Welfare Trust, Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, Foundation Marchig, and Help Animals International. We are grateful for the grants in aid of animal welfare at the sanctuary. The grants cover a … Read more

Act now! Help feed our big cats!

Feed us campaign

As you probably know, our entire sanctuary has been in lockdown here in South Africa since 26 March … more than two months – and counting. While we’re managing to make do with fewer helping hands by working harder and longer, we can’t manage without food for our animals. It costs around R1,400 every month … Read more

New Rescue Centre at Panthera Africa


Panthera Africa is proud to announce the completion of a new rescue section to provide a lifetime home for rescued big cats, the latest members of our pride. The new space was made possible thanks to a collaboration with Born Free. One of the first to arrive at the new space was Galaxy, a white … Read more

Jampa Passes Away at Age 15


It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you all that our beloved Jampa passed away on 26 September 2019. Jampa was 15 years old, and we recently noticed some changes in his eating patterns and mobility. We quickly transported him to our wildlife specialist veterinarian, Dr. Peter Caldwell at his clinic in Pretoria. … Read more

Galaxy Arrives Safely At His New Home


Galaxy was sedated around 9am on Monday morning, 9 September, at the start of his exciting journey to his new forever home at Panthera Africa. First, he received a full examination by veterinarian Dr Brendan Tindall as well as his vitamin injection, vaccinations and microchip. Dr Tindall from Robberg Veterinarian Clinic donated his time, services … Read more

What a cruel world

by Kira Storm “Humans…! I´ve met my share of them. They are a weird species, some of them living in a cocoon of indifference, some are driven by an overpowering force of greed. For a long time my life was in the hands of people like that. But then there is the kind of humans that … Read more

What a dishonest world

by Kira Storm “My story begins…“ “Our story, Rays.” “Well, our story begins…” “Actually it´s my story that brought us here.” “Urf, fine. Then you start, Bella.” “I´ll let you tell your part, promise.” -Arabella- “I´ve never been tall, always the smallest of the group, but what do you need size for when you have … Read more