We believe that only if we unite, can we truly make a difference. The challenges that the big cat and wildlife industry are facing are too profound to overcome alone, so by standing together – governments, organisations and general public – we can implement common tools and methods and have a unified approach. For this reason, we work closely with all stakeholders in this industry that share our high standards and ethics – on all levels. We work closely with some of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations to see how we can help each other towards our common goal.


In unity there is strength” – Panthera Africa slogan



We are listed with the following ethical organisations:

Petitions for protection of wildlife

Regulations for Animal Welfare

With petitions being handed in to governments all around the world, to establish strict laws and regulations for animal welfare and survival, there will hopefully come an end to all unethical animal practices in the near future. And when the laws finally change, Panthera Africa is ready to contribute in the transformation the big cat industry will have. We envision converting breeding facilities into sanctuaries, in addition to welcoming more pride members to Panthera Africa, as well as contributing in finding other good homes for the ones in need.

Unite With Us!

Join us in creating a better world! There are many ways you can join our pride and help:

  • donate
  • adopt an animal
  • visit our sanctuary
  • become a fundraiser
  • volunteer
  • follow us and share our message on social media
  • tell your friends and family about big cats
  • sign petitions for big cats
  • buy a t-shirt and tell the world that animals are sentient beings deserving of our respect and acknowledgement
  • review us on TripAdvisor

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