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Here is your chance to be a hero in the lives of our magnificent pride members. By becoming a Guardian to a pride member today, whether for yourself or as a heartfelt gift to a loved one, you’re not just supporting a cause – you’re becoming part of our pride. Our slogan, “In Unity, there is Strength,” resonates deeply with us, and we invite you to stand beside us, shoulder to shoulder, to strengthen our pride and enable us to give them the care they so deserve.

 Your 1-year guardianship, no matter if big or small; becomes a lifeline for our cherished animals and ensures our continued care of the pride. It’s more than a financial contribution; it’s an emotional connection, a promise of protection, and a legacy of compassion. Join us today, and together, let’s ensure our pride stands strong, flourishing, and forever cherished. Your action starts here. Become a guardian to a member of our pride and write a new chapter of hope and unity.

 What Your Guardianship Contribution Achieves:

 When you choose to be a Guardian, your monthly contribution is a lifeline for our beautiful cats. Your support enables us to provide them with the care they deserve. As a Guardian, you will receive a personalized guardianship certificate, proudly recognizing your commitment.

 Your contribution helps in various ways:

Maintenance of Enclosures

Ensuring their safety and providing a happy, clean environment that they can call home

Nutritional Meals

Ensuring our cats receive a healthy and nutritious diet.

Top-Notch Medical Care

Providing the best possible medical care, including medications and essential vitamins when required.

By becoming a Guardian, you’re ensuring they lead a life filled with care, safety, and happiness. Your support makes all the difference, and together, we can continue to protect and cherish our magnificent pride.

Become a guardian to a member of our pride with PayPal now by clicking on the button below. Click on monthly payment and from the dropdown menu, select the amount you wish to pledge monthly.


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