Act now! Help feed our big cats!

As you probably know, our entire sanctuary has been in lockdown here in South Africa since 26 March … more than two months – and counting. While we’re managing to make do with fewer helping hands by working harder and longer, we can’t manage without food for our animals.

It costs around R1,400 every month to feed one animal at Panthera Africa – and with 28 wild animals in our care, you can imagine how that quickly adds up. I’m hoping you’ll reach out to our big cats today, because they urgently need your help.

Usually, our volunteer programme and the educational visits we host help to raise funds towards our total food bill. But we lost that with lockdown – which is why your kindness now will go a long way. Please will you support the animals through this tough time?

Whether you help for two weeks through a gift of R700 – or even one week, at R350 – whatever you can donate now will help put food into an animal’s belly!

To make your gift safely online, please click here. All the big cats say a roaring thank you in advance for loving them enough to help.

Thank you!
Cat and Lizaene