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Donate towards Vet Bills

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Whatever you are able to give know that every cent is received with the deepest of gratitude and will help us to settle all our veterinary bills. Even a small amount will make a big difference. Donate now and make a difference to a big cat’s life. Support us in taking care of the big cats.


Donate towards our vet bills. Even a small amount will make a big difference to a big cat’s life.

The longevity and wellbeing of Panthera Africa’s pride relies on consistent provision of necessary medical treatments and care. The animals entrusted to our care depend on a regular regimen of vitamins, medications, and other essential supplies to maintain optimal health.

We currently utilize an array of vital medications, such as QUANTEL, PANACUR, QUADREPAL FLY REPELLENT, NEUROBIAN, ESSENTIAL EXTREME CAPSULES, EYES RX PLUS, MILBEMAX, CREDELIO, SHOO-FLY REPELLENT SPRAY, SNAKE REPEL, DERMAFOCUS, VITAMIN E (400iu), GLYCINE, TICK & FLEA, F10 ANTIBACTERIAL OINTMENT/SPRAY, DEWORMERS, and others. These medications are indispensable for our animals’ healthcare, serving multiple purposes from promoting growth and development to preventing and treating various diseases.

Among our essential supplies, LACSON SYRUP is frequently used as a gentle laxative, providing relief for any digestive complications our animals might experience. Moreover, a variety of further supplements, added to their diet, ensures our animals receive comprehensive nutrition, vital for their recovery and robust health. Our multi-pronged approach to healthcare, combining treatment with preventive measures, forms an integral part of our animal care strategy.

Beyond medications and dietary supplements, we heavily depend on various everyday items to ensure the seamless operation of our clinic and overall care and welfare of our animals. These include but are not limited to SURGICAL GOWNS, SHOE COVERS, SURGICAL GLOVES, MASKS, NEEDLES of varying sizes, SYRINGES, EYEWASH, ANTISEPTIC PADS, COTTON ROLLS, ICE PACKS, BABY POWDER, TISSUE SALTS, CHARCOAL PILLS, THERMOMETERS, CLIPPERS, NAIL CLIPPERS, TOWELS, and PAPER TOWELS.

To continue offering such high-quality care to the animals under our responsibility, we are seeking donations for these vital medications and supplies. Your support is urgently needed to ensure the availability of these critical resources for the proper care and rehabilitation of our animals.