Panthera Africa are proud to be the blueprint for future-forward thinking. We are a source of inspiration to everyone as our story carries a powerful message of hope amongst adversity. By empowering people, of all ages across the world, to better live in harmony with nature and themselves the world will be able to further understand the beautiful balance of life and everything we live in. Upon engaging with us, we wish to see enlightened leaders with regards to a changed mind set by having reached a higher level of consciousness. This awareness engulfs ethical practices, a self-sustaining life force, a desire to spread awareness, and, beings who believe in the greatness of life.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

We envision a world where animals, nature and humans are equally respected,  acknowledged and loved, and we work every day to make this a reality. Together with many organisations, we work to change the big cat tourism industry for the better:


Big Cat Facilities

Ethical Business Practices

We offer practical tips, guidelines and advice in the process of re-engineering all spheres of your facility by incorporating ethical business practices. This could be financial restructuring, rethinking your mission statement and the role you wish to play in developing a global conservation network.

Panthera Africa can:


Human versus wildlife conflict

Relocating Animals With Happy Results for Both Human and Animal

Our team is very willing to assist with relocating animals that are caught in traps or cages. We have several success stories with a good ending for both human and wild animal. Cape Nature is involved in the process and we follow their guidance, advice and final approval at all times. A nominal fee is charged and depends on the situation and the action that needs to be taken. Call us for more information.

Lion Faeces Keeps the Predators Away

Currently we are conducting research involving the use of lion faeces for farmers in keeping away animals that threaten their livestock/business. We gather the faeces when cleaning enclosures and package the faeces which can be collected from us. Lion faeces can be placed around greenhouses, property borders or near livestock. This a natural and alternative way in which one can prevent human versus wildlife conflict. Contact us for more information.