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One Roar One Voice Campaign

one roar one voice campaign

ONE ROAR ONE VOICE started with an idea in 2018 and today has grown into a movement that is spreading across the globe. The movement aims to raise awareness of the situation big cats are facing in captivity and to create positive change for both animals and people.

The movement was inspired by eleven lions that were rescued and relocated to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary in Stanford, South Africa. They were rescued from breeding facilities, hunting, circuses and the bone trade. We owe this movement to them, who endured so much suffering, and are now living out the rest of their lives in peace and with the dignity and love they deserve at Panthera Africa. They are the lucky ones, but there are so many other lions in captivity today who are still being subjected to abuse and neglect. We are their voice, speaking up against cub petting, breeding facilities, walking with lions, hunting and the bone trade.

The movement is headed by Cathrine S. Nyquist and Carien Marais, who’s first project was to bring to life a beautiful song specially written and composed that would encapsulate the movement. The song, titled We Are One, immediately touches your heart and soul, is composed and produced by award winning song-writers, Chris Eaton (UK) and Franceska Aeschlimann (CH), and features a whole host of talented artists. These include Beverley Knight (UK), Chris Eaton (UK), Alexander Klaws (Germany), Theuns Jordan (SA), Nadine (SA) Andre Venter (SA), and the African choir, Aganang Serenaders, giving this project a global focus.

The song was released on the 22nd December 2018, and with its beautiful melody and powerful lyrics it has the full potential to inspire people to make a change and help the big cats.

With the official launch of the One Roar One Voice movement, an extensive PR campaign will ensure worldwide publicity with the We Are One song at the forefront. Multiple awareness and benefit concerts are already in the pipeline and new concerts will be added to keep momentum and spread awareness in every corner of the world.

As the One Roar One Voice movement continues to grow, our next milestone is to to have commercial captive breeding banned, and for the tourism industry to only support big cat activities based on the principles of respect, and love, and those that focus on education and animal welfare, rather than human greed.

For more information, visit the One Roar One Voice website:


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