Panthera Africa arranges tiger relocation

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary situated near Cape Town in the Western Cape, successfully arranged and assisted with the relocation of two Siberian Tigers to the ethical sanctuary Love Lions Alive Project. Ban Animal Trading (BAT) contacted Panthera Africa last year, in the hope, that we would be able to give the tigers a forever home. Although we would have loved to take these magnificent animals ourselves, we have 26 big cats and are at capacity. It is not illegal to have tigers in a private residence, as they are considered to be an exotic pet, many people do not realise the expense and efforts involved in caring for these big cats. Due to COVID-19, the owners were unable to provide for them financially.

On 12 May 2021, the animals were transported to Love Lions Alive in Harrismith. The relocation was overseen by Panthera Africa Director and Co-founder, Lizaene Cornwall. Both tigers ate the first night after arriving at their forever home and by day three, were exploring their new enclosure.

“Due to the Government’s announcement to ban all lion breeding and trading on 2 May 2021, Panthera Africa will be assisting any non-ethical sanctuaries or breeding farms that require our expertise, in their transformation to become a true sanctuary, where no breeding, trading or human-animal interaction takes place, unless medically required. We have full confidence in Love Lions Alive and wish them a roaring success with their new rescues. We wish to thank Dr Peter Caldwell from Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic for assisting in the relocation.” says Co-founder and Director Lizaene Cornwall. We wish Igor and Kanosha a beautiful and happy life with Andi and Line from Love Lions Alive and are incredibly happy that true sanctuaries can stand together and change the industry and give these magnificent animals a forever home.