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Sheeba (Panthera Africa)

Run free beautiful Sheeba

It is with deep sadness we announce that we said goodbye to our dear leopard friend, Sheeba, on Sunday 6 March 2022. Lying under his favourite tree, and surrounded by caretakers who loved him, he slipped away peacefully.

Through our deep connection and communication with Sheeba, he shared with us that he was getting ready to transition and join the Panthera Africa pride in spirit. This gave Cathrine, Lizaene and the rest of his care takers the chance to spend quality time and prepare for his goodbye. Upon examination, Dr Peter found that he was in late stage of kidney failure and recommended to euthanise Sheeba.

Sheeba had a number of health issues during his time with us. We were able to manage these with medication, supplements and an adjusted feeding schedule. We have known for a long time that his kidneys were slowly failing and managed this with daily medication. In recent weeks leading up to his crossing, his condition worsened and we called our veterinarian to examine him. Sheeba lost interest in food, became unsteady on his feet and did not want to come to the fence to have his daily medicine in his meat blocks. We knew and felt that our golden Sheeba was ready to let go.

We are grateful that we had four and a half good years with Sheeba since his arrival at Panthera Africa in 2017. During his time with us, we saw Sheeba grow in confidence, trust and acceptance. Even though he had a rough start to life, we were able to give Sheeba a peaceful retirement and a dignified end.

He will be greatly missed, and we would like to remember him as a playful, gentle leopard who loved to play hide-and-seek and enjoyed his enrichment toys. Sheeba touched the hearts of visitors, volunteers and staff members and he truly ignited the depths of our souls with his gentle yet powerful presence.

Thank you to everyone who adopted and donated towards Sheeba’s care and to everyone who loved him and kept him in your warm thoughts and prayers. On behalf of Sheeba and all of us, we are eternally grateful.

Run free beautiful Sheeba, and we will always feel you when the golden sun rises every morning.

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