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As a Non-Profit Organisation, our achievements and our survival are made possible through the donations received from our passionate supporters. And hosting collaborative fundraisers together with our Ambassador community or on our behalf, you are not only raising awareness and support for Panthera Africa, you are also helping us achieve our mission of bringing an end to the exploitative captive big cat industry, where education about the following is key:
By spreading the word of how to run an ethical, true sanctuary, you are literally saving big cats lives.

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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"


The Panthera Africa Ambassador program is an integral part of realising the vision of Panthera Africa – a world where all animals, people and nature are equally respected, acknowledged and loved.  If you envision the sanctuary itself as the root and stem of a beautiful tree of life, the green luscious leafy branches that reach far and wide are the Ambassadors spreading the Panthera Africa principles and love all over the world. It is instrumental to share the responsibility of our mission with all our stakeholders and stand united with one collective voice. In unity there is strength and in order to realise our vision a lot of strength is needed, both in order to fund and run the sanctuary successfully, as well as awakening minds and hearts all over the world to the reality of what is going on, and to achieve our overall mission.


As ambassadors of Panthera Africa, your role is to:
Natasha Mago Obi

Volunteer Ambassador

Our Volunteer Ambassadors are the heartbeat of our mission, individuals who have previously dedicated their time and skills to our cause. This program is tailored for those who have experienced the impact of our work firsthand and are eager to extend their commitment by promoting our initiatives, sharing their personal experiences, and inspiring others to join our cause. Whether you’ve helped on the ground or supported us behind the scenes, your continued involvement as a Volunteer Ambassador is invaluable in spreading our message far and wide.
Celebrity Ambassador Natasha Mago

Celebrity Ambassador

Celebrity Ambassadors are distinguished individuals known for their influence, talent, and public recognition who have chosen to lend their voice to our cause. This prestigious role is for those in the public eye who are passionate about our mission and wish to use their platform to raise awareness, encourage public engagement, and drive support for our initiatives. By connecting with fans and followers, Celebrity Ambassadors play a critical role in amplifying our reach and impact.
Junior Ambassador

Junior Ambassador

Our Junior Ambassador program welcomes the youngest advocates of our mission: spirited children from school visits and passionate individuals who are eager to make a difference. This program empowers the next generation to take action for a cause they believe in, providing them with the tools and platform to share their enthusiasm, engage with their peers, and contribute to our efforts in meaningful ways. Whether through educational activities, fundraising, or spreading awareness, our Junior Ambassadors are vital in inspiring change within their communities.
Supporter Ambassador

Supporter Ambassador

The Supporter Ambassador program is designed for the everyday hero who believes in the power of collective action. Whether you’re a long-time supporter or newly acquainted with our work, this role is an opportunity to champion our cause within your own network. From sharing our stories on social media to hosting fundraising events, Supporter Ambassadors are crucial in building a strong, supportive community around our mission. No gesture is too small, and everyone’s contribution is celebrated in our collective journey towards lasting change.

Fundraiser Event Application

Thank you for your application to support Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary. Panthera Africa acknowledges that all the details requested below might not yet be readily available. Please provide as much information as possible so that we can get a good idea of your proposed event. Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

How to Create a Fundraiser


Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform

General Crowdfunding Platforms


Best known for creative projects like games, technology, art, and design


Supports a wide range of campaigns, including inventions, creative works, and community projects, with a flexible funding option


Popular for personal and charitable causes, including medical bills, education costs, and community projects


Allows fundraising for anything, with a focus on ease of use and social media sharing

Nonprofit and Social Causes


A platform designed for nonprofit fundraising, including peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns

Charity Navigator

Offers a crowdfunding platform specifically for accredited charities, focusing on transparency and trust


A global crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects around the world


How to Choose


Ideas for Successful Campaigns

General Crowdfunding Platforms

Campaign Ideas:

Idea #1

"Walk / Run / Ride for the Pride"

Idea #2

Host a "Funds for the Pride"
fundraising dinner or dance.

Idea #3

Organise a sporting event
raising funds like
(dodgeball, kickball, basketball)
with friends and family at a local gym/field.

Idea #4

A board/card game night,
and have every person
donate $5-10 to play.

Idea #5

Hold a fundraiser event at a local bowling alley, laser tag, roller skating rink, etc. with your employer, church or community centre.

Idea #6

Sell raffle tickets.

Idea #7

"Art for the Pride" Auction. Host an art auction where local artists donate wildlife-themed artwork, sculptures, or crafts. The event can be held in person or online, with proceeds going to the Panthera Africa.

Idea #8

"Paws and Paint" night. Organise a guided painting class where attendees paint wildlife or nature scenes. Partner with art supply stores for materials and charge entry fees for the class.

Idea #9

Wildlife Photography Contest. Charge an entry fee for participants to submit their best wildlife photos. Winners can have their work featured and sold on the Panthera Africa online store, with proceeds supporting the pride.

Idea #10

Eco-Friendly Market Day. Host a market day or fair that promotes eco-friendly and sustainable goods. Vendors can donate a portion of their sales to the fundraiser.

Idea #11

"Run Wild" Virtual Challenge. Create a virtual running, walking, or cycling challenge where participants track their distances over a month. Participants raise funds through sponsorship from their network.

Idea #12

Sanctuary Workshops or Talks. Have Cat & Liz live via ZOOM giving talks or workshops on various topics. Charge for tickets or ask for donations.

Idea #13

"Picnic for the Pride" event. Organise a picnic day in a local park, with live music and food stalls. Entry fees or donations can be collected for the sanctuary.

Idea #14

Wildlife Quiz Night. Host a quiz night with a wildlife or conservation theme. Teams can pay to enter, and you could offer our digital PAW Paintings and Prints as prizes for the winners.

Idea #15

"Crafts for Cats" workshop. Offer a craft workshop where participants make animal-themed items, like jewellery, home decor, or art pieces. Charge for participation and sell additional crafted items.

Idea #16

Sponsor an animal. Launch a campaign where individuals or groups can sponsor a specific animal related project (veterinary bills) or the care. Provide updates and exclusive content about the progress and impact of their sponsorship.

Idea #17

"Bake for the Brave" sale. Organise a bake sale with a twist—encourage bakers to create animal-themed treats. Use social media to promote the event and attract a larger crowd.

Idea #18

"Tee Off for Tigers" Golf Tournament. Organise a charity golf tournament. Participants can form teams and pay an entry fee, with options for sponsoring holes or donating a percentage of the winnings.

Idea #19

"Stars for the Pride" night. Organise a stargazing event with a local astronomy club. Offer a night of stargazing and learning about constellations, with entry fees going to the sanctuary.


Promoting the Fundraiser

General Crowdfunding Platforms

Social Media

Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your story. Utilize hashtags, tag influential accounts, and share engaging content like photos and videos of the animals and the sanctuary.

Local Community

Engage local businesses, schools, and community centres to support your campaign through local events, or partnerships.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns: Send out a compelling email to friends, family, and supporters detailing your mission and how their support can make a difference.


Tools and Information for Success

General Crowdfunding Platforms

Remember, the key to a successful fundraiser is engagement. Together we will encourage each other to share personal stories about why Panthera Africa’s mission matters to you. Your passion and love for the animals and our cause is what will open the hearts of your receivers.

Presentation Material

Download the presentation here

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Social Media Templates

Download Panthera Africa's Social Media Templates & customize your posts using your favourite editor

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