Veterinary Clinic funded by International Organisations

Panthera Africa is proud to announce that we have received funding from the following organisations for the building of a new veterinary clinic: Olsen Animal Welfare Trust, Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, Foundation Marchig, and Help Animals International. We are grateful for the grants in aid of animal welfare at the sanctuary. The grants cover a large part of the cost of the building and it is our intention to raise the remainder through sponsorships and donations.

At Panthera Africa we take care of 26 animals: lions, leopards, tigers, cheetah, caracals and jackal. We always give our animals the very best of care, and regular check-ups with our specialised wildlife veterinarian. As some of our pride members are getting older, we see that operations and urgent procedures will happen more frequently. Currently, all our veterinary check-ups and procedures take place in a small storeroom with poor lighting. It is very cramped and our veterinarian is extremely generous to work under these conditions.

However, the storeroom is not ideal for bigger procedures and for these we have to either drive or fly our animals up to Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic in Pretoria where there is access to a proper operation room and the necessary equipment. It is stressful for the animals to travel such a far distance (17 hours’ drive) under normal circumstances, let alone when they are sick. Added to that is the cost to transport the animals to Pretoria. In order to give our animals the best care and to save costs in the long run, we have realised that the best way forward is to build our very own veterinary clinic.

The veterinary clinic will be 145sqm and connect to our current aftercare area, including a night pen of 50sqm. Here we can monitor our animals until they have sufficiently recuperated to be returned to their enclosures. All approvals have been received from the local municipality and we have started the building process.


A huge thank you to the funders: