Goodbye Galaxy, proud strong lion

It is with aching hearts that we must share that our beautiful lion, Galaxy, has passed away.
We observed a sudden and steady decline in his appetite and mobility over the course of a few days. Dr Peter Caldwell quickly came to examine Galaxy, which included an ultrasound of his abdomen. During the ultrasound and exam, Dr Peter found signs of intestinal lymphoma and a damaged liver. Galaxy also had secondary infections due to his immune system being compromised as a result of the lymphoma. Dr Peter gave Galaxy all possible medications to try to help him feel better and to clear up the infections, and we observed him through the night. The next morning Galaxy showed no signs of improvement and no interest in eating. We talked through many options with Dr Peter and ultimately we all agreed that the most kind and respectful decision we could make was to help him cross over peacefully.
Galaxy was a strong, proud lion and we could not let him suffer. He passed peacefully, with dignity, and with his caregivers and human pride around him, sending him off on his next journey with love and light. He was a huge spirit on Earth and now he has been set free. We know he is even larger than he was in life and that he will continue to guide and protect us with our other animal angels, Zorro, Jampa, Shani, Aries, and Scorgo.
It is the highest honor and privilege to know and care for a giant like Galaxy. We wish our time together had been longer, and although our hearts feel broken, we find peace knowing that his golden years with us were full of love, respect, and a beautiful, peaceful kingdom to survey.
“You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars,” Galaxy. Rest in love, beautiful King.
Thank you to everyone who adopted or donated towards Galaxy’s care and to everyone who loved him and kept him in your warm thoughts and prayers.
With humble hearts we ask for anyone who feels moved to donate towards Galaxy’s final vet bills to please use the link below: