It is time for us as a community to listen and unite in order to tell the story of the lions to help them and ourselves.

"Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."

African Proverb

We empower:

  • our big cat friends by speaking on their behalf and asking everyone to say NO to selfies with big cats, cub petting, walking with lions, or any other big cat physical interaction or canned hunting
  • people by giving them correct information, and so make them aware of what is really happening in the big cat tourism industry, and empower them to make informed choices.
  • children through our leadership and outreach program to believe in themselves and listen to the stories of the big cats and also their own
  • people to connect with their own stories and through that we give them hope, inspiration and motivation to see new possibilities for themselves
  • and inspire people to listen to their hearts, follow their dreams and find their purpose in life
  • people through our animal communication workshops to connect with and understand the animals on a deeper level, as well as connect to their higher selves to realign to their purpose and path
  • people to connect with nature and understand the simplicity and beauty of how simple life can be
  • people to come out of the materialistic busy lifestyles, and to break the habit of unaware living in favour of a life lived with purpose, awareness and mindfulness

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