Jampa Passes Away at Age 15

It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you all that our beloved Jampa passed away on 26 September 2019.

Jampa was 15 years old, and we recently noticed some changes in his eating patterns and mobility. We quickly transported him to our wildlife specialist veterinarian, Dr. Peter Caldwell at his clinic in Pretoria. Ultimately it was confirmed that Jampa’s liver was failing and that he had tumors in his abdomen. The only compassionate option was to help set him free from any pain he was experiencing. He was exceptionally peaceful in his final days and truly felt the love everyone has been sending to him. He passed peacefully with his greatest champions in life, Liz and Cat, by his side.

We promised Jampa that we will take extra good care of his sister, Pema, as she adjusts to his physical absence. She is missing his presence but she is coping.

“Jampa” means “loving kindness” and in honor of Jampa’s life we will take extra care to live with love and kindness in our hearts. His song is “The Rose” because Jampa’s message to all humans is to love to the fullest.

We miss him already and although our hearts are hurting, we know he will always be with us and with all of you who loved him. Jampa was a true Casanova, and stole many hearts during his time with us!

With Jampa’s beautiful purring in our hearts, we want to say a special thank you to everyone who loved him so well, including Panthera Africa staff, volunteers, adopters/sponsors, Dr. Peter Caldwell and his staff at Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic.

Thank you for your continual support.