2015 – What a year! The last day of the year is here, and looking back at everything that has happened, I nearly get overwhelmed. From the highest of high’s to the lowest of low’s – this year has taught us many valuable lessons and enriched our lives in so many ways! So let’s take … Read more

Zorro – my gift from above!

Three years and one month ago I had a dream. My granddad that passed away that year and to whom I was very close to, came to me in my dream and told me that Mischief, Zorro’s mom, will have 2 cubs on the 30th of November. He told me that one of the cubs … Read more

Zorro – My super hero!

Where do I start to write a blog like this, when my heart is breaking yet filled with so much love and gratefulness for having had the privilege to have been one of your best friends, Zorro? One of my friends told me today “Life is pleasure. Death is peaceful. It is the transition that … Read more


I woke up on a Monday morning thinking of all the dreams we have but that we don’t put into action. Maybe because we are scared, maybe because we do not want to go outside our comfort-zone or maybe we do not believe in ourselves. One of my dreams was to go to South Africa. … Read more

Returning to big cat paradise!

I first came to panthera africa in march 2015 and after only spending 1wk here, I knew I would be back! I am now back in big cat paradise and straight away feel at home. Both the staff and animals give you the best welcome. It is great to see how settled and content all … Read more

Let the fun begin!

Listening to the powerful roars of a cacophony of lions and sitting in changeable weather, minute sunny and hot, the next cloudy with a brisk breeze is how I spent the afternoon today. Perched on a tyre outside Oliver and Obi ‘s enclosure while they slept it had been a busy morning for us all. … Read more

“I am at home, here on this farm in Africa”

As I sit before Neptune, a magnificent male white lion, I look around at my surroundings and can’t help but think of the opening sentence from the book “Out Of Africa”… ‘I once had a farm in Africa’. It makes me think of all the past, present, and future staff members and volunteers who will … Read more

Let PASSION and LOVE guide you ….

It has been three months since my beautiful animals have arrived and somehow it still seems unreal. I see them, I hear them, I feed them and I take care of them, but it still feels like a dream. Before starting on the Panthera Africa journey I worked with and saw my animal nearly 364 days of … Read more

A day in the life of Zorro

Mhh, what a nice morning it is today. After all this rain and wind it’s finally quiet. Where is Pardus? She must be in our tree, waiting for sunrise. I should probably get up as well. I have to walk my round and see, if everything in the enclosure is alright. But first, some morning … Read more