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I woke up on a Monday morning thinking of all the dreams we have but that we don’t put into action. Maybe because we are scared, maybe because we do not want to go outside our comfort-zone or maybe we do not believe in ourselves. One of my dreams was to go to South Africa. Experience the beautiful landscape, culture, nature and of course the wonderful animals. Now I’m here in paradise and I’m so glad that I found this amazing project and that I had the courage to fulfill my dream.

Entrance to paradise!   #tiger #sanctuary #cleaning

Cat and Lizaene , the founders of Panthera Africa, are two powerful women with big dreams and a will that can take them to any length. I’m really impressed of how much they have achieved in just one year, but if you want something you have to work for it and I think Panthera Africa is the perfect symbol for that.

I would like to share a quote written by Walt Disney that I find inspiring.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”


#sunset #paradise #sanctary
#sunset #paradise #sanctary


Stina Lindgren, Volunteer – Nov 2015

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