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Let the fun begin!

Listening to the powerful roars of a cacophony of lions and sitting in changeable weather, minute sunny and hot, the next cloudy with a brisk breeze is how I spent the afternoon today. Perched on a tyre outside Oliver and Obi ‘s enclosure while they slept it had been a busy morning for us all.

Neptune yawning      Oli and Obi      Oliver and Obi

It’s Oliver’s fourth birthday on Sunday and his first at the sanctuary. It needs to special and it will be. We had a brainstorming session to devise an ‘enrichment’ birthday cake. It will have three tiers including a rolling ball made from tyres filled with goodies. It will be painted in three colours (made with flour, water and food colouring) and be topped with candles made from empty loo roll holders. Not to be left out, Obi will have a tasty birthday box. I have to say, constructing the cake is taking all our team building skills with each volunteer playing to their strengths. Needless to say, I’m a labourer as those who know me I’ll testify to my DIY expertise. Pics to follow of the finished cake.

Afternoon tea has a different meaning in South Africa, no scones, sandwiches and delicious cakes but chickens flying through the air (not alive). It certainly woke the boys from their slumber for a few seconds before they moved away and played hide and seek with me while I walked back to the house.

It’s going to be an interesting early evening, I’ve said I’ll join a yoga class in what will be the lion’s permanent enrichment area in the middle of their enclosures so there will lots of eyes on us. Whether I manage to complete the class remains to be seen. Many years ago I got up and left my one and only yoga session after 10mins!!

Best get going, it’s almost time and I need a cup of tea to give me strength. I’ll go without the chicken but a chocolate biscuit wouldn’t go amiss.

Whale watching tomorrow . So pleased I packed my travel sickness bands, I hate water but need to conquer demons so I can ride my horse across a Bailey bridge with low sides at home. Talking of riding I’m going on a beach hack on Thursday morning. Need to check out hats are available, first though. It would be very stupid to survive working with big cats to come home injured because of a fall off a horse!!!


Pam Mallender – October 2015


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