Returning to big cat paradise! - Panthera Africa

Returning to big cat paradise!

I first came to panthera africa in march 2015 and after only spending 1wk here, I knew I

would be back!

I am now back in big cat paradise and straight away feel at home. Both the staff and animals

give you the best welcome.

It is great to see how settled and content all the animals are and how well they all look.

Panthera hadn’t started their education tours last time I was here but now they are in full flow

and they are spreading their words worldwide.

I am back as a volunteer and have the pleasure of getting to know each of the animals. They

all have their own personality.  Neptune and Oliver just love to tell you about their day, whilst

you walk by or sit and enjoy their company.

The caracals love to play.  Pardus and Zorro enjoy going up and down their tree and the

jackals play hide and seek!

Beautiful Bella and Raise love to walk with you around their enclosure, and Achillies and

Jubatus are happy for you to sit outside their enclosure and just enjoy their company. They

have the kindest eyes for such huge animals <3

My days are filled with chores around the sanctuary, from cleaning,  making enrichment for

the animals, painting and learning about these beautiful animals.  I say chores it doesn’t feel

like work, as it is rewarding to be able to help and offers a great retreat away from the office

and the daily grind of work back home. There is no better way to refuel your mind and body

than by coming to such a beautiful, rewarding Place!


Nicola, Oct 2015


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