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Celebrity Ambassador Natasha Mago
Celebrated Bollywood actress and Panthera Africa’s esteemed first Celebrity Ambassador, Natasha Mago has made her mark not only on the silver screen but also in the realm of wildlife conservation. A passionate wildlife activist and an accomplished photographer, Natasha’s heart resonates with the rhythms of nature. Her dedication to conservation is as impactful as her performances, influencing public awareness and sparking meaningful dialogue about wildlife protection. Through her lens, Natasha captures the majestic essence of nature’s residents, conveying their beauty and the urgency of their preservation with every photograph. Natasha’s commitment extends beyond her art, as she uses her celebrity platform to advocate for ethical interactions with wildlife and supports initiatives aimed at ending exploitative practices in the industry.
Welcome to the Panthera Africa Celebrity Ambassador Program! Your influence and platform are invaluable assets in our mission to protect big cats and promote a deeper understanding of their plight. As a Celebrity Ambassador, you have the unique opportunity to amplify our voice and extend our reach to corners of the globe previously beyond our grasp.

Your Role:

As a beacon of change, your involvement includes:

Spreading Awareness and Engagement:

Your platform offers a unique opportunity to elevate the discourse on wildlife conservation, transforming public perception and encouraging active participation in our cause. Through targeted campaigns, personal narratives, and engaging content, you can help us foster a community united by a shared commitment to a sustainable and compassionate future for all beings.

Support and Collaboration:

We are here to support you in this role, providing you with the necessary resources, information, and content to share. Collaborating closely, we’ll identify key moments and opportunities to maximize impact, ensuring our message resonates with your audience and aligns with your personal brand and values.
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