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Supporter Ambassador

Supporter Ambassador
René Hartslief, Panthera Africa’s inaugural Supporter Ambassador, combines her extensive experience in publishing, journalism, and event organisation with a deep passion for South African culture and tourism. She owns several influential businesses including The Best of SA & Beyond and Food And More, and is known for her successful event series, Long Tables in the Overberg. René also manages a vibrant community group in Hermanus and has a background as an Accredited Grading Assessor and a graphic design professional. Educated in Publishing and Graphic Design, she resides in Vermont, Western Cape, leveraging her network to promote and fundraise for Panthera Africa.

Your Role:

The Power of Collective Action:

As a Supporter Ambassador, you embody the spirit of collective action. Your initiative to spread the word, mobilise resources, and engage your network can spark significant change and support for our cause. We strongly believe in the strength of our community and know that together, we will achieve remarkable results and create lasting positive change.

Joining is Simple:

All you need is a commitment to our cause and a willingness to make a difference. With an open heart and positive intentions, you can join our family of Supporter Ambassadors and start making an impact today.

Making a Difference Together:

Every action you take as a Supporter Ambassador helps build a stronger, more informed, and compassionate community dedicated to the well-being of big cats and the natural world. Simply complete the ambassador application below, liaise with us and get started! If you are eager to get a fundraiser going, complete the application form below.
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