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Volunteer Ambassador

Volunteer Ambassador
Welcome to the Panthera Africa Volunteer Ambassador Program! As someone intimately familiar with our sanctuary and its residents, you play a crucial role in our mission. Your firsthand experiences position you perfectly to share our vision and efforts to create a brighter future for captive bred big cats and the welfare of our pride. In your role as a Volunteer Ambassador, you’re tasked with amplifying our message and rallying support through:

Commitment to Ethical Practices:

Your ambassadorship is grounded in our core values of “No petting, trading, or breeding.” You’re expected to embody these principles and ensure your activities align with our mission to promote awareness, respect, and compassion for all beings.

Support and Perks:

To support your efforts, we provide a range of materials, including a Panthera Africa presentation, a media packet, press releases, and general industry information. Additionally, as a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive an extra 5% discount on future volunteer trips, combinable with other offers. We’re thrilled to have you onboard as a Volunteer Ambassador. This role is more than a title—it’s a partnership aimed at creating lasting change. Our team is always here to support you, offering advice and answers whenever needed. If you feeling really inspired and want to do a fundraiser for us right away, complete your fundraising application below and let’s get started!
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