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Thank you Panthera Africa!

Michael VotterDear Lizaene and Cat,

staff members and other volunteers, all the animals,

whole Panthera Africa!

Months ago I was totally nervous and had no idea what to expect at my short stay at Panthera Africa.

It was a dream since my childhood to work with this beautiful animals and do something good for them. As I was planning my trip to South Africa I read a lot of things in the web and heard for the first time something about the canned hunting industry. First I was shocked about myself. I felt ignorant and very naiv. I changed my plan and cancelled my first destination which was already booked for a week too and booked only a stay for one week at Panthera Africa. And yeah, at this time there were a lot of mails with Catherine – and they helped me to do the right thing.

Now, I stayed only one week at you but I can´t express in words the way you have changed my soul and I would say a piece of my life. After a hard time in the past this one week gives me so much peace and strength back to me that I can´t believe whats happens to me. It was such a great time and I enjoyed every single moment of this week – but I can´t express in words what I want to tell you.

In the middle of nowhere you created such a beautiful home for you and your big cats. A place of quiet and peace. The view, the unique evening mood at the fences, the clear starry sky – amazing!

Michael Votter cubsI remember the first night. After a long day I was laying in my bed and heared the lions roar for the first time. What a feeling! And the lions roar every single night – great!

Only one week! I was pleasantly surprised how fast I felt like home and comfortable. All of you were so approachable and friendly that i had no other chance. 😉 Ok, my English is not very good (u can still read in this text^^) and that was my biggest problem. I couldn´t act in my usually way where I really am. But I really enjoyed the cool and funny conversations in the evening on the terrace.

Surrounded by all the marvelous cats and far away from the daily business in Germany I had a chance to come down for myself and at the same time I could work for these cats and doing some good things for them. I could see every single day that all of you do their work with so much passion and love for these beautiful animals. Ok, I think this week was a bit chaotic because of the happenings with Bella but I´m still happy about my decision on this day to stay at home. 😉 So I had the chance to see everything and could help you a little bit. This day was definitely a highlight for me. I hope Bella is feeling well and is enjoying her new life!

Liz and Cat, I wish you to keep on your passion, remain true to your principals, find further supporters for your beautiful place and make them bigger! You have enough place and I like your future planning. 😉 I could see it in every single moment that everything you do – you do this with all your heart. The daily planning, the caring for your animals (for example the fresh green gras for Bella 😉 ) and when you go to your animals by your own.

I just wanna say thanks!

And sorry for the other guys but my special thanks is for Cat. She had so much patience with me and my mails and helps me a lot in my planning for my trip to South Africa. And Cat: your words to me when I was leaving means a lot to me!

Thanks to the whole Panthera Africa family.

I´m sure I will come back – and not for only one week…


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