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Sitting beside Neptune as the sun goes down, it feels a privilege to be in his presence. A true king! His calming aura and wise eyes give me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my time here.

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Before coming to Panthera Africa I wasn’t too sure what to expect but from reviews I read online and the conversation with Cat and Liz prior to arriving, I knew it would be a unique experience. Looking back on it now at the end of my time here, not only has it been unique but also rewarding, eye-opening and incredibly inspiring.

Hearing about where the animals have come from can be heart breaking, but in equal measure it so so important to understand their stories and in turn the importance of protecting these beautiful creatures. Seeing the animals at Panthera Africa now totally at peace is a truly wonderful thing.

What Cat and Lizaene have created here is nothing short of incredible. It is an experience I will never forget and I am already so excited to return again one day. In the mean time I will follow their progress avidly as they continue to look after the beautiful creatures in their care and introduce new members to their ever growing pride.


Alice – December 2016


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