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BioDB and Panthera Africa Uniting for animal conservation awareness

BioDB and Panthera Africa: Uniting for Animal Conservation Awareness

In the world of wildlife conservation, collaboration and partnership are the keys to achieving a significant impact. Two organizations, BioDB and Panthera Africa, have recently joined forces with a shared mission: to increase awareness about animal extinction and promote the protection of our planet’s endangered species. In this blog, we’ll introduce BioDB, explain why they …

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Excerpt from the letter to the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

PANTHERA AFRICA’S COMMENTS ON THE DRAFT POLICY POSITION ON THE CONSERVATION AND ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE USE OF ELEPHANT, LION, LEOPARD AND RHINOCEROS The Panthera Africa directors are grateful for the opportunity to comment on the Government Gazette, Vol. 672, issued on 28 June 2021, No 44776, and we commend the Minister and the High-Level panel for …

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Galaxy Arrives Safely At His New Home

Galaxy was sedated around 9am on Monday morning, 9 September, at the start of his exciting journey to his new forever home at Panthera Africa. First, he received a full examination by veterinarian Dr Brendan Tindall as well as his vitamin injection, vaccinations and microchip. Dr Tindall from Robberg Veterinarian Clinic donated his time, services …

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What a cruel world

by Kira Storm “Humans…! I´ve met my share of them. They are a weird species, some of them living in a cocoon of indifference, some are driven by an overpowering force of greed. For a long time my life was in the hands of people like that. But then there is the kind of humans that …

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What a bumptious world

by Kira Storm “Lion, lion, lion!” The squeals of a little girl welcomed me to the place I called home for a very long time. A scratchy bow around my neck, a colorful box in which I sat, and bright eyes in a round face of a human child that stretched out its hands to …

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What a greedy world

by Kira Storm “Hola! Mi nombre es Baguira and I am here to share my story as well; of how a caged bird finally got to spread its wings and fly, of a heart that never stopped dreaming, of a spirit that never gave up, of a soul that returned home and emerged stronger than …

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Sitting beside Neptune as the sun goes down, it feels a privilege to be in his presence. A true king! His calming aura and wise eyes give me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my time here.         Before coming to Panthera Africa I wasn’t too sure what to expect but from …

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Why Panthera Africa?

I came to South Africa originally to Kitesurf and to see some friends that I had met on recent trips whilst travelling around Europe. Whilst I had some aspirations to volunteer on this trip, I didn’t expect to come here, and truth be known, I had not really heard of canned hunting, captive breeding, and …

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