A poem from Lynsey

We received this beautiful poem written by Lynsey who has been with us for 2 years as volunteer coordinator and who recently went back to her home country Scotland.

“Thank you Lynsey for all you have done for the pride here at Panthera Africa.  We  miss you a lot and wish you the best of luck on your future journey.  And thank you for sharing this beautiful poem”.

“I wonder if you realise

What you have done to me

You’ve taken a soul that was caged

And taught her how to be free


I wonder if you realise

What you’ve given to me

You’ve shown me how it feels to be happy

You’ve made me the person I always wanted to be


If you could have seen me before all of this

If you had known me way back then

You would understand how much you have changed my life

You’ve gifted me with the will to live again


To have lived these years with a purpose

To have lived these years with a home

Is to have known what heaven must feel like

It’s to know that I’m never alone


Sometimes I stop and wonder

What in God’s name have I done?

Have I sentenced myself to a life of regret?

Through choosing, again, to go on the run?


But the answer is no

How could it be

That I’d regret a life

That has gifted me with this family?


So here’s to you for saving my life

For making my dreams come true

And every success I may achieve in the future

Will be largely thanks to you


And I’m steady thinking, my way is clear,

And I know what I must do tomorrow

When hands are shaken

And the kisses are blown,

Well I will disappear


Let me tell you that I love you

And that I’ll think about you all the time

But Caledonia is calling me

And now I’m going home.”


16 November 2017