A heartfelt wish for humanity!

As we all embark on the journey of life, we are consciously unknowing/unaware of the journey ahead. Yet the magic of it all is that all the coincidences, choices we make, paths we take, it is all part of the greater plan. And as humanity starts to awaken, the subconscious starts to penetrate to the conscious mind and the whole being is suddenly connecting with itself in a whole new way. A way where animal communication is the normal practice for understanding and growth; connection within and listening to the voice of the soul is our everyday practice. You awaken to a world where connectedness is all there is, and our lives’ purposes become known, and everyone suddenly gain a greater understanding of life, our connectedness to all life on earth, and to the magical universe as a whole.

As the sun rises and sets, so does all life, and as the circle continues every day, so we can all walk with the knowingness that all things happen for a reason. A reason that at times is unknown, yet you will someday understand. As we dare to listen and truly feel the emotions that flow through us, we can easier acknowledge it, work through it and overcome and grow from it. As humanity runs away from this, the dense and tense energies will still remain. As we reconnect within and truly feel, so the density and tension will rise and be eliminated, as low frequency energies cannot prevail in a high frequency energy field. So when people say “love is all we need”- love has a frequency of the highest of vibrations and can therefore heal and transmute/cleanse all energies that keep us from moving forward.

Baguira – Queen of love and wisdom

So my wish for you is to acknowledge what dense feelings lay inside and that you have in your life, feel it, sit with it, dare to truly be with the emotions that arise. As you acknowledge it, you will suddenly feel that your fear of the hurt and pain is actually gone away, and you can from there move forward to fill your space with the divine power of love. As I roar the power of love to your hearts, feel it open and let your soul again reconnect with the depths of your heart, so you again can feel the beautify this life has to offer us <3

I have been through it all, so if I can do it, so can you<3 Make a conscious choice and welcome the feeling of love <3

Baguira -the Queen of love and wisdom <3