A heartfelt "thank you" and an eye opener ❤ - Panthera Africa

A heartfelt “thank you” and an eye opener ❤

Dear Cat and Liz!

I would like to thank you for four amazing weeks here in South Africa and at Panthera Africa!

I have learned so much from my stay here. I knew nothing about the lion industry with cub petting and canned hunting before I came here. I am so grateful that I was allowed to be a part of this amazing work you are doing, and getting to know these precious animals.

I had never thought that I would feel so close to these cats without touching them and being with them physically. Just to sit with them and feel their presence is really something special. I also love to see how the tourists react to the stories you tell them, because this really shows that you spread awareness and help these animals.

I have not only learned about the animals, but also so much about life. Just to see what you guys have managed to accomplish with this place, following your dreams. And to meet so many different people from all around the world and with completely different views of life. I am used to my small group of friends that all kind of share the same view on life and what is “normal”. Then to come here and meet people that have lives completely different than what is “normal” for me. This just shows that you can do whatever you want to do with your life and that you don’t have to live it in one specific way.

I am really going to miss the peace, tranquillity and freedom I have felt here in South Africa. But I will try to keep it with me when I go to everyday life back in Norway. And I’m of course going to miss all the amazing and fantastic animals, and all the new friends I have made here at Panthera Africa. You are all lovely human beings that have made my stay here unforgettable!

I will never forget my four weeks here at Panthera Africa, and I know that the moments I had with the animals will stay with me forever.

I will miss you all until next time!


Lise – Norway


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