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Thank you for your visit!


Dear visitor,

We hope that you enjoyed your visit at Panthera Africa. It was a pleasure to host you and share some of our stories.

However, the journey does not end here. You can continue contributing to our work and make a change in the Big Cat industry. Your support is fundamental for the well-being of our animals and many more all over the world. There are many ways for you to bring change.

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One of our main purposes is to bring awareness about the conditions big cats face in captivity. We provide information about the way we work and the challenges we are currently facing. We also share solutions and positive change. You can learn more about our animals and the industry while being part of our community.

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Your help makes a difference for the animals

As you may recall from your host, Panthera Africa is a non-profit organization. Our main source of income is derived from individual supporters just like you. You can contribute to our Sanctuary by adopting and donating. We use your donations to provide food, supplements, veterinary check-ups as well as enrichment, so that our animals can live out the rest of their lives with the dignity, respect and love that they deserve.

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One of the main challenges of our daily work is the lack of awareness of tourists and stakeholders. Change can only happen if more people acknowledge the reality behind big cats in captivity. You can make the difference with one simple gesture: leave a review on Google and TripAdvisor.

Once again, thank you for visiting us.

Together we can put an end to the suffering of big cats in captivity. We hope to see you again soon. 

A Roaring thank you from the Pride, 

Panthera Africa 

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