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On Wednesday night I had the incredible experience of being in the presence of the Kings and Queens of the world, the holders of sacred wisdom and the keepers of the ancient knowledge.

I received an invitation to eat supper with Pardus the beautiful black leopard and the rest of the pride and of course Cathrine. I have spent a little time with Pardus before, during the day but at dusk these creatures come alive. The pure energetic connection to what resonates for me as joy, playfulness and connectedness was almost palatable. In between beautiful conversations and being the observer of the incredible connection that these two ladies have was one of the most moving evenings of my life. Because at dusk the echoes and the calls that vibrate around you are felt through your entire body. Pardus for me holds the key to finding the joy, softness and almost mystery of being a woman. At first sight she appears totally black but when she allows you a sneak peek in the glistening sunlight she revels to you her hidden beauty of being dark brown with gorgeous chestnut and auburn markings. Making it ever mysterious that we are far more than we could ever imagine- the gift she holds out for us.

As the sun set slowly the lions and other animals start their calling. The deep vibrating messages echoing across the mountains. We moved on to sit in the presence of the Obi and Oliver. Obi is a split lion and Oliver is a white lion. As we sat observing each other and surrendering to each other within the space of 2m apart, face to face, being to being, heart to heart. The two lions in front of us joined the roars of beautiful Neptune and callings of Pardus. Each time I experience the roaring of these magnificent creatures there is something deep within me that breaks wide open. My heart literally opens ups and the tears flow. It is so challenging to even try and put the experience into words as it is something that you feel deep within you.

A knowing of ancient pathways being connected and healing that is able to take place deep within and flowing of what is, what was and the promise of what will be just appeared before me.  The stare of the lion in the dim dusk light that sees you for who you are and feels you and that is unimaginable to describe. Their vibrations that literally shift your energetic vibration, feeling almost like they penetrate through your body, giving the gift of the mysteries of life, the simple act of being. The courageous brave lion heart that we all have….the being that has been hurt and abused by man so graciously allows me into their space and offers nothing more than what is and between the connection nothing other than beauty exists.

We moved on to sit with the ever majestic Neptune. This time together almost indescribable to explain, one that I have experienced during that day before that was so amazing. The calling of the ever King of the land seems to always summon the other lions to add to the collective vibration of “in unity there is strength” and in that connectedness is a given.  He sits strong and upright watching, listening, feeling you. His gorgeous blue eyes gently caressing your heart. When we arrived he blessed me with the first calling that echoed deep within me, the tears flowed and the divine being and energy he is gently gazed allowing me to rest a while, holding something deep within safe and sacred. Sitting quietly together in the darkness with Neptune I felt a presence and out the corner of my eye was Oliver watching us, observing us about 2 m away in the other camp, just like a shadow appearing out of nowhere. Just there watching……not sure how long he had been there for?

The ever energy and spirit of true courage and strength exists within the lion presence. The symbol of mastering of your emotions the kingdom within and the aligning of your own outer and inner kingdoms is echoed and the gift that is given through those echoes is the gift of healing. The summoning of the keepers of the night the protectors of our souls and the honouring of the setting sun that allows mother earth to grow and warm our souls.

A piece of my heart will forever echo through your calls, through the roar in the dusky night that night.


Kathryn, 12 March 2018


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