Digital Marian Binder Arabella Seasons Greeting Card - Panthera Africa

Digital Marian Binder Arabella Seasons Greeting Card


Download this beautiful e-card of our tiger, Arabella. Suitable for email to your nearest and dearest over the Festive Season.

  • A great way to say Seasons Greeting with the Gift of Meaning.


Pawtraits in Watercolour

“There is something truly goosebump-making about visiting Panthera. I felt it. And having taken family and friends there too, it is a common experience.

The big (and smaller) cats in this magical sanctuary are treated with such respect and their well-being is paramount.  It is a true joy to see  these  magnificent creatures being given the chance to live out their lives (often after difficult starts) as well-fed, healthy, loved animals.

So when I visited Panthera in its infancy, I tried to capture a bit of this magic in the portraits of the some of the pride. It was a privilege to see how two brave women had made such a difference to their fur family.

I painted the original portraits in watercolour after having spent time at Panthera and taking photo references. Now these paintings have become part of my range of greetings cards and sold as prints to raise funds for the pride.”

Marian Binder

Season’s Greetings from the Pride with a personal touch!