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Panthera Africa, a non-profit sanctuary, has created a safe haven where captive big cats are protected and given a safe and enriched life. As more organisations and activists are uniting to enhance the welfare of animals in captivity, the need for sanctuaries such as Panthera Africa is rapidly increasing. Many big cats require rescue. By buying our products you directly contribute to Panthera Africa’s rescue missions.

"Give a gift that will make a change!"

Panthera Africa Wines (PAWs)

Panthera Africa Wines (PAWS)
Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is excited to share our three new wines with you! Together with Creation Wines we have created a beautiful range of Big Cat wine! Your contribution goes directly towards supporting the good work of Panthera Africa; creating a safe haven for big cats and raising awareness about true animal welfare. Together we can unite to ensure a bright future for the big cats in the world today.

Award-winning Creation Wines

For every bottle of Panthera Africa Wine – PAW – you buy, a big cat is having an even better life because of your contribution. All three wines are produced by award-winning Creation Wines, situated high up the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge near Hermanus. By buying PAW, you are not just supporting a good cause but also buying a quality wine from a vineyard with unique terroir and a dedicated team.
Sauvignon Blanc

Star bright and subtly green with inviting aromas of guava, passion fruit and Cape gooseberry. Whiffs of grapefruit and peach stone add to the attraction. On the palate the wine rewards with lovely crisp acidity and a hint of salty minerals. R140

An innovative blend of Pinot Noir, Grenache and Syrah. Delightfully ‘Turkish Delight’ pink with a gorgeous array of berry aromas interwoven with a gentle whiff of rose petal. The palate is lively and refreshing with mouth-filling raspberry flavours and a hint of pomegranate leading to a tangy, savoury aftertaste. R140
Syrah / Merlot

Deep, ripe mulberry coloured with vivid flashes of violet – truly inviting. The complex nose tempts with a medley of dark berries and spice (especially pepper and clove) which are echoed on the plush palate. A beautifully structured wine with hints of dark chocolate and a whisper of smoke on the lingering aftertaste. R140


Our beautiful T-shirts with slogans have been created to raise awareness. The T-shirts are made and printed in Cape Town. There are 6 designs to choose from and all T-shirts are unisex and available in XS, S, M, L and XL:


See the world through our eyes
Berry R350


Hear our roar, Be our voice
White R350


Walk with a purpose, Not with lions
Black R350


Touch hearts, Not cubs
Navy R350

See the world through our eyes Black R350

Walk with a purpose, Not with lions
Charcoal R350

See the world through our eyes Melange R350

Hear our roar, Be our voice
White R350

Only available in South Africa.

Gift Donation Certificates

If you are looking for the perfect birthday, wedding, Christmas gift or any other special occasion, we have something that is truly unique and thoughtful. We have some great socially conscious gifts to choose from.
Donation Certificate

Make a donation to Panthera Africa in someone’s name and receive a certificate and a message from Neptune.
Minimum R100

Adoption Certificate

Adopt a big cat or jackal in someone’s name as a gift for someone who supports animal welfare and receive a gift certificate made out in the person’s name
Minimum R100 per month

Santa Claws Certificate

We have special Christmas certificates for that special time of the year.
Minimum R100

Cuddle Me Kill Me
A true account of South Africa’s captive lion breeding and canned hunting industry
By Richard Peirce

Canned lion hunting sprang to the world’s attention with the 2015 launch of the documentary, Blood Lions. is movie blew the cover o a brutal industry that has burgeoned in the last decade or so, operating largely under the radar of public concern.
In Cuddle Me Kill Me, veteran wildlife campaigner Richard Peirce reveals horrifying facts about the industry. 

Well researched by Peirce with the help of an undercover agent, and illustrated with photos taken along the way, this is a disturbing and passionate plea to end commercial captive lion breeding and the repurposing of wildlife to cater for human greed.

Richard Peirce is well known as a shark conservationist. A former chairman of e Shark Conservation Society and e Shark Trust, he is still on the boards of both NGOs. More recently he has authored several books, including e Poacher’s Moon, an exposé of rhino-poaching; Giant Steps, about abuse of captive elephants; and Nicole, dealing with the hunting and decimation of sharks. Richard and his wife Jacqui are con rmed nomads who spend half the year in South Africa; their love of wildlife takes them to the bush at every opportunity.

We Are One song

We Are One
Buy the song to spread awareness and raise funds for Panthera Africa’s new Education Centre and Veterinary Clinic!
We Are One is now available on iTunes and for Androids on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and Google Play a.o.!

Final Paw Print

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