I found my home - Panthera Africa

Home is where your heart is. I think everybody knows this sentence but does everybody know what that means? What means where your heart is? The heart is inside the body so home is where you stay?

No, I definitely left my heart at Panthera.  Why?

Because this is a magical place where my heart is in good hands. Because this is like my family who always supports me and my dreams.

Because in the morning you can hear the lions roaring.

Because the sunset is the most beautiful I ever seen.

Because after the hard work you know everything was for something good.

Because this place showed me how to find my way.

Because they know how to help and because I love this whole place with all the beautiful animals and people.

These are the reasons why this is my home, my African home.

Every time I look into the eye of one of these animals I see a thankful soul. A soul which knows how to forgive the right people. A soul which can guide you if you allow it.

Thank you Panthera Africa!

Alisha (Germany) 14 Apr – 19 May 2018




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