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Gratitude and hope

I am sitting in a camping chair looking at my beloved Pardus, and I see and feel she is going to be ok! As I write this she is looking at me, and just closing her eyes in confirmation. Yes, she is going to be ok!! The last week has been filled with trauma, fear of losing, frustration, sadness, difficult memories, deep connectedness both with her, myself and the greater powers out there, deep love and appreciation, and today I believe the word is relief. And as I write this I feel my body giving a deep sigh and all the muscles relax. This situation also passed and Pardus and I are still together <3

So long story short; Pardus was having fun and doing what she does best – climbing and playing in her tree. The branch she was playing with happened to break and she fell down 15 meters, hit a branch on the way down and landed on her side. I wasn’t there but only got the phone call: “Lizaene needs you NOW! It is Pardus! She fell down from her tree! There is blood running from her nose! Her eyes are rolling white!! RUUUN!!” I believe I suddenly got wings and was down by her in seconds, and during these seconds a million thoughts rushed through my mind – my Lala MUST be ok! She just HAS to be! It cannot be another Shani or Zorro moment! Dear Higher Powers – PLEASE PROTECT AND SAVE MY GIRL <3

As I came close to her I think I went on autopilot – just deeply connecting with her wanting to feel and understand where she was hurting and what was wrong. I felt as we became one and I just knew what to do and how to behave with and around her. I suddenly felt the difficulty to breath, my throat felt thick and I felt the need to cough and nearly throw up. Had something inside bursts or was is just the fall that made it difficult for her to breathe?! My mind went quiet and I connected to something so powerful and I felt a rush of energy flowing through me and to my hands to give further to Pardus. As I stretched out my hands to hold over her, my hands were tingles and felt like a million degrees, and I just focused on the thoughts of healing anything that needed to be healed and sealing anything that needed to be sealed. She started to move with me as I continued to move my hands over her and fuel her with all the purest love I possibly could give her – sometimes stretching a leg, sometimes rolling on side, then the other, the on her back, just doing as she felt she had to do to get her body better. As I did this I felt Pardus taking it all in, and I got the feeling inside of deep gratitude and “This feels good”. At times she was growling, but I was 100% calm and KNEW it was because of pain, and a way for her to release the emotion. I have never in my life felt anything like this, and looking in hindsight I am amazed over how we humans can detach emotionally and mentally, and just let the body and spirit do what is needed. This is the clearest connection I have had and truly felt the strength of true connectedness with whatever is out there. My practice of animal communication and reiki has opened up a lot of mind blockages that I have had in the past, and I just gave it my all! The belief and trust in the unknown has at times been scary to me, because what is it really? And how does it actually work? How can I, as a normal person, be able to communicate with animals and help people feel better just by being in their presence? I know my intentions have always been pure, and that I love to help and make people feel better, but that I actually can make pain and troubles go away by sharing my love? I am sure many of you also have the same thoughts about the uncertainty of what is out there and how it can be possible to communicate with animals, and all I can say, is that I have had the privilege of feeling this amazing power in my hands and deeply connection with an animal, and if it is possible for me, why not for everyone? The saying “mind over matter” is extremely powerful, because the doubt lays always in the mind, and it is when experiences like this that I had with Pardus, that the doubt lessens, and I just have the knowing of it <3 I feel extremely blessed to have experienced this type of connectedness, and excited for the journey further <3.

Another thing this situation also shows is how much people care and the good in people! I so often hear people talking about how the world is falling apart, that people are bad and that so many people have lost faith in humanity. I fully see and feel all the horrible things happening in the world with wars, terrorism, ego-driven world leaders, killing and abuse of animals for the gain of ego and money – I am fully aware of it all. But what I am also fully aware of, and personally feel EVERY day, is the good in this world! The GOOD in people! The unconditional love that is everywhere if you just open up for it. My nickname Tinkerbell describes me well, and I am proud to say I do believe in the good in this world, I believe in love and kindness – I believe in the good in people! I see volunteers coming here every week, some for long, some for short, and every single one leaves this place with a more open heart. I feel that the whole Panthera Africa pride – both two and four legged members – has given them belief and hope for a better world. If you think about – how many good vs bad things do you personally experience every day? Is it the media that is letting our minds get drawn towards the negativity? How many good things happen if you really focus on it? A smile from a stranger? And hug from a friend? A kiss from a loved one? A wag of a tail or purr from your four-legged soul friend? The feeling of the sun rising? The feeling of a fresh breeze on your skin? Listening to the bird being happy and talking to each other? Just laying on the ground feeling your body and listening to your own breath? There are so many ways in which we can embrace the beauty of this world, and I personally believe that each and every one of us can feel pure love every day – even if just for a second – if we just let the mind go and focus on it. There are many things being said about South Africa and that it is doomed with corruption, race hatred, poverty, crime and murder – again, yes, it is a lot of these horrible incidences, and it is happening here more than in most places in the world. BUT I still say that there is so much more beauty here than most places I have seen in this world – that is both people and landscape, animals – everything! I have had the pleasure of meeting the most incredible people who despite of what has happened to them are the most positive, loving, accepting, understanding people I have met. And this shows me that yes – we all can be happy, as long as we focus on the true blessings we have in our lives. Like my mum always told me; its not what happens to you, but how you choose to handle it. It is as simple, yet as difficult as that to appreciate the small things in life, and not let the hard times define us, but shape us to become wiser and more understanding that life happens, and why not grow, learn and enjoy the journey? With kindness and none judgmental attitudes we can all create a world around us, and also within us, filled with more happiness and joy!

The minute people heard about Pardus, the amount of people gathering to send their love and support to us and Pardus is beyond describable. From our dear friend and vet Dr Mark, to our beautiful volunteers and staff, friends, family, supporters, people being on standby in case of emergency plane ride, EVERY WHERE people are being here for us all, and THIS is what humanity is all about! This is where hope for humanity lays! Thank you to each and every one of you – know that it means a lot to Lizaene and myself, and also to Pardus! I KNOW she feels it, and is forever grateful <3

So now a week later, Pardus is better and I am looking after her as she is resting in her feeding camp – actually very happy and grateful to feel the fresh air and sunlight on her body. From being in a crate and barely moving and now being able to be in open space and walk around – I feel her appreciation (and at times also frustration as she of course wants to go into her bigger camp 😉 but she understands and accepts). I believe she also feels the closeness of Zorro, and that he is laying beside her now and helping her recover <3 Pardus is fine and she is soon back to perfect health again 😀 The gratitude I am feeling is from the depths of my heart and soul <3 THANK YOU <3

Cat, founder – July 2017



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