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Inspired to share in our dream and make a difference? We believe in unity there is strength, and together we create change for a brighter tomorrow! We welcome everyone to join us and take action together!

"Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever."

Karen Davison

Thank you for your donation!

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit company which means all the profit goes back into the organisation. We are registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with South African Revenue Service and are able to issue tax certificates for large donations. We are also a registered Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development. You can make a donation by paying into our bank account, PayPal or our GivenGain account!


Debit card or credit card. Donate in USD or if you have a PayPal account you can donate in your preferred currency. You are welcome to make it a monthly donation when you visit the PayPal Page!

Banking Details

Bank: First National Bank
Acc Name: Panthera Africa NPC
Acc No: 62459961142
Branch: 250 655


Donate via GivenGain

Adopt (monthly contributions)

"The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better."

Robert F. Kennedy

Be part of the pride! Choose your big cat or jackal to sponsor. Your gift helps your big cat or jackal live an enriched and happy life:
Choose your monthly contribution for a minimum of 12 months

Purr (R100 or USD8)
– goes towards enrichment toys for big cats

Chuff (R250 or USD20)
– goes towards food supply expenses

Growl (R500 or USD40)
– goes towards environmental enrichment such as platforms, ladders and climbing poles

Roar (R1000 or USD80)
– goes towards veterinary check-ups and medicine (when needed)

Choose your favourite animal

Choose a payment option
Type your animal's name

You are welcome to pay the yearly adoption fee upfront, just x12 your chosen amount and use the Donate Button below.
Please send us an email to with your details, your adoptive animal and which contribution you are interested in.

Gift Certificates

Buy someone a truly unique gift for that special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary! You can choose a single donation or a monthly adoption. Just remember to write GIFT CERT in the “wishes for donation section” and we will contact you to get the details of the gift. We have several gift certificates to choose from:

Toys for Big Cats

Buy a toy for a big cat and brighten their day! All cats love boxes, including our big cats! With your donation we fill a box with all kinds of treats or build a toy to enrich their lives.

Vet bills

We like to keep our animals fit and healthy! Your contribution goes towards medication, supplements, and veterinary check-ups.

Rescue camps

Contribute towards new rescue camps and the maintenance of enclosures. Create a happy home for any new rescues! Every R67 you donate, you buy 1m2 of their 4,000 m2 home

For gift certificates:


We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors for their support over the years. The support from businesses means the world to us and helps us do the work we love! If you feel drawn to our cause, we ask you to sponsor one of our projects. Here are some ideas of how to get involved:

Contribute towards the new rescue camp for Karlos and Ivana. Create a happy home of 4,000 square metres for the two beautiful cubs! For more information click on the button below.

Have a look at Our Sponsors to see who supports us!



If you would like to become one of our fundraisers or activists, we would love to hear from you! Perhaps you would like to arrange a single event or several small events over the year! No matter how big or small, we always welcome support from our friends.
From time to time we arrange events and ask our supporters to become involved. For example hosting a tea party for your friends on International Tiger Day. We’ve had one of our activists cycle 4,000 km on a bike to raise funds, another hosted a Zumba fitness class and another activist arranged a dinner party. All we ask is that you have fun and represent the facts of the work we do!
If you would like to get involved, please contact us or click the button below to start fundraising!

Donate via GivenGain

Spreading the word


Help us to spread the word by connecting with Panthera Africa via:

Remember every mention helps! Tell your friends! Tell a stranger! Let’s spread the awareness about the big cat industry and ask everyone to support only ethical big cat sanctuaries – where no trading, interaction, or breeding takes place. Let’s all make conscious choices that supports both nature, animals and humanity as a whole, and in that way ensure a future for the next generations!