PAW Print Rays - Panthera Africa

PAW Print Rays

Download this beautiful print of Rays’s paw, our tiger. Suitable for printing on canvas or print quality paper. The paw prints are made with water-soluble non-toxic paints while the big cats are under sedation for their routine veterinary check-ups.

  • We recommend A5 print to represent the actual size of the paw print.
  • Hang it on the wall as decoration.
  • A great gift for those who love big cats.


Rays (Given birthday – 29 July 2009)

He (no name at that stage) was living with Bella and her brother Aries, along with 8 other tigers. To our devastation, Aries was mistaken for another tiger and killed for the tiger bone trade. Even though our hearts were broken, it was amazing to see how this remaining tiger stepped up and became a brother and friend to Bella. For this reason, Cat and Liz decided to keep him and call him Rays – to raise awareness for the tigers and the tiger bone trade, and to honour him for all the rays of light he shines in this world!