PAW Painting by Gabriel - Panthera Africa

PAW Painting by Gabriel

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PAW Painting by Gabriel either A4 / A3 / A2 in size.

This beautiful art work by Gabriel, our golden leopard, was made as part of an enrichment. A canvas and non-toxic paint is placed near the fence, and the cat can choose to walk on it or not. Enrichment keeps the cats not only physically but also mentally stimulated. This is a downloadable e-file product that you can print on canvas.

Downloadable PAW Painting by Gabriel A4 | A3 | A2


Gabriel’s Story

Gabriel was bought as a small cub by the previous facility, and they hand reared him. At a very young age (approx. 3-5months) he broke both front legs jumping off a structure. The bone break was most likely due to lack of mothers’ milk, incorrect diet and no additional supplements. His front legs were casted, and he was kept in a house for an extended period while healing. Gabriel therefore is very habituated to humans. When he was an adult, he was used for breeding but did not live with a female the last couple of years at his previous home. He used to live in approx. 500sqm rectangular enclosure with a roof on the top. He had some small bushes and a night pen, but the enclosure was inadequate to the needs of a leopard. His previous home was closed by Nature Conservation as they never renewed there permits and was therefore keeping the predators illegally. We were contacted by our veterinarian to help Gabriel and provide a suitable forever home for him. Gabriel settled in extremely fast after only a couple of days hiding in the bushes adjusting to his new home and family members. After a week he started charming us with his very talkative nature and roleypoleys showing his beautiful colouring, confidence, and trust in us. He is enjoying his new kingdom and we are so grateful to have another golden member in our pride.


A2, A3, A4