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The Pride Needs Your Help

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We are in a crisis. Costs have skyrocketed, and over the last six months we’ve been faced with an unprecedented food bill of R400,000 and a sudden veterinary bill of R100,000. The sanctuary, our home and the home of our beloved big cats, is in jeopardy, and without your help, their lives will be severely impacted.

Please donate now. Share our plea with your networks, friends, and family. Together, we can safeguard these beautiful lives that depend so heavily on our love and care.


Discover Your Perfect Big Cat Call: Our Simple Donation Options

We believe in the power of collective impact. That’s why we’ve designed our donation tier to cater to a variety of budgets, ensuring that everyone can make a meaningful contribution to our cause. Our tiers are more than just numbers – they’re your way of choosing a big cat call that resonates with your financial comfort. Each tier is vital and significant in its own right, and here’s how we’ve structured them:

1. Purr Donation: Starting Small, Making a Big Difference
Even the gentlest purr holds immense significance. Our Purr tier allows you to start with a modest contribution, making a meaningful impact on our mission. It’s a wonderful choice for those who want to be a part of something bigger, regardless of the size of their roar.

2. Chuff Donation: Amplifying Your Support
A chuff is a friendly, resonating call that symbolizes camaraderie. Our Chuff tier offers a step up in contribution, amplifying your support for our cause. It’s a way to connect with fellow supporters and collectively create a ripple effect of change.

3. Growl Donation: Embrace Your Inner Strength
A growl exudes strength and determination. Choosing our Growl tier reflects your commitment to our cause and showcases your dedication to making a lasting impact. It’s a choice that embodies the spirit of change and growth.

4. Roar Donation: Unleash the Extraordinary
The roar of a big cat is a majestic and powerful sound that commands attention. Our Roar tier is the pinnacle of our pricing structure, allowing you to unleash an extraordinary level of support. By choosing this tier, you’re making a statement about your unwavering dedication to our mission.

Every Donation Counts: Your Impact, Your Choice
No matter which option you choose, please know that every contribution is invaluable to us. Just like the different calls of a big cat, each donation plays a crucial role in the symphony of change we’re creating. Your support, whether it’s a Purr or a Roar, helps us protect these magnificent creatures and their home, Panthera Africa.


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