PAW Print Obi's - Panthera Africa

PAW Print Obi’s

Download this beautiful print of Obi’s paw, our white night. Suitable for printing on canvas or print quality paper. The paw prints are made with water-soluble non-toxic paints while the big cats are under sedation for their routine veterinary check-ups.

  • We recommend A5 print to represent the actual size of the paw print.
  • Hang it on the wall as decoration.
  • A great gift for those who love big cats.


Obi’s Story

Obi is a split lion, and has the most remarkable eyes! He was raised with 4 other lions, including Oliver, but was the youngest and smallest of the 5. As a young cub Obi was always the smaller and weaker of the cubs, and fell ill at about two weeks of age. His urge to fight to live pulled him through and he became the stealer of many hearts. The owners took Obi and Oliver back at 10 months of age and after 2 years, Cat and Liz went to find them. They found Obi and to their devastation saw the condition he was in. He was very thin and could barely walk, but after receiving immediate vet help, his condition started to improve slightly. He has a Vitamin A deficiency that was not treated for by his previous owners and the malnourishment contributed to this being a permanent condition. Obi will never fully recover, but with love, care and continuous medication his health can be improved and his heart and days will be filled with joy.