PAW Print Achilles - Panthera Africa

PAW Print Achilles

Download this beautiful print of Achilles’s paw, our mane-less male lion. Suitable for printing on canvas or print quality paper. The paw prints are made with water-soluble non-toxic paints while the big cats are under sedation for their routine veterinary check-ups.

  • We recommend A5 print to represent the actual size of the paw print.
  • Hang it on the wall as decoration.
  • A great gift for those who love big cats.


Achilles (Born 3 August 2009)

Achilles is known as the gentle giant beacuse of his huge size and his soft heart. After 13 months of age, one of his testicles had still not descended and according to the vet this could become cancerous, and therefore he was castrated. As he was living together with Jubatus we were advised by the vets to castrate Jubatus as well to avoid possible dominancy problems. Due to the lack of testosterone neither of them has grown a mane, however, they still are the most handsomest “boys”.