Pardus Limited Edition Print by Shelley Adams

by Shelley Adams
50cm x 50cm
Paper Print
Limited edition

*shipping not included

Shelley connects with the animals on an intuitive level while she paints, bringing out the qualities that would most help and guide the viewer. In this way, the viewer becomes part of the creative process. This collaboration helps Panthera Africa to raise funds for the big cats.



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About Shelley Adams

Shelley Adams is a well-known intuitive artist with a long history in the creative and healing arts. Her artworks have become an integral part of her journey, and the medium through which she receives many of her sacred teachings. Shelley is recognised as a healer, wise woman, facilitator of personal transformations and as a sacred space keeper and witness.

Together with her Guides, Shelley reminds us of how the energies of each one of us affect the whole, reconnecting us with the web of life.  From here, we come to honour the crucial part the animals, trees and plants play in assisting humanity. How the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air support and nourish us, the Celestial Beings and Ancestors guide us.

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