Virtual Educational Visit for Children

Enjoy this 30-minute video as we take you on a journey of Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary and show you all the big cats and tell you their wonderful stories.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn facts about lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and caracals.
  • Learn the difference between greater and lesser cats and which sounds each group can make.
  • Ideal for children aged 6 years and over as well as those who are young at heart.
  • What you can do to help

Your Instructor

Vanessa takes you on a journey through Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary. Learn the stories of all the cats from their past to shiny new futures, facts about the species and how you can make a difference.

Virtual Educational Visit for Children

When you buy this course you donate towards the care of the big cats
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  • Learn about big cats
  • Learn facts about the different species
  • Hear the stories of the animals' journeys
  • What you can do to help the animals