Lei-ah Paw Painting

This beautiful art work by Lei-ah, our white princess, was made as part of an enrichment. A canvas and non-toxic paint is placed near the fence, and the big cat can choose to walk on it or not. Enrichment keeps the cats not only physically but also mentally stimulated. This is a downloadable e-file product that you can print on canvas. Recommended size A4, A3 or A2.


The Artist


Lei-ah almost died as a cub but thankfully pulled through. She is the definition of love and innocence. Lei-ah, meaning ‘New Day’, is a true inspiration for us all to keep focus on all the good things in this world, and make the best out of every situation. She was born with vitamin deficiencies because of bad genetics however since she was rescued she has been on daily supplements and combined with her passion for life, love and beauty, Lei-ah surly reminds us all to seize the day!

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