Baguira Paw Painting

This beautiful art work by Baguira, our Queen of Light and Love, was made as part of an enrichment. A canvas and non-toxic paint is placed near the fence, and the big cat can choose to walk on it or not. Enrichment keeps the cats not only physically but also mentally stimulated. This is a downloadable e-file product that you can print on canvas. Recommended size A4, A3 or A2.

The Balancing Act

The Artist


Baguira is strong yet carefree lioness. She was in a circus from 6 months of age but due to lack of funding never left her trailer of 1.5m x 2m for 6 years. When she finally arrived at Panthera Africa, she was able to put her paw on grass for the first time in her life. She is a happy lioness and shows her gratitude, love and power when roaring with the pride.

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