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Help us raise funds and awareness #forthelions
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Do you want to make a difference, and feel that your voice, money and time matters?

Help us raise funds and awareness for our pride. For 8 days from 1-8 August, we are honouring and celebrating the lions and the qualities that they radiate – strength, bravery and a sense of belonging. Like the lions we are all part of a pride, and we are now calling on our human pride to help us spread awareness and raise funds so that we can continue taking care of our lions and other big cats.

We are making great progress in our efforts to help the lions. Minister Barbara Creecy released the High-Level Panel report reviewing policies and regulations on hunting, trade, captive keeping, management and handling of elephant, lion, leopard and rhinos on 2 May 2021. These are the four iconic animals of Africa, and also four of the Big Five. “The panel recommends that South Africa does not captive breed lions, keep lions in captivity, or use captive lions or their derivatives commercially,” Creecy said in her speech. Let’s keep the momentum going on create awareness #forthelions.

Due to Covid-19 and the lockdowns we have been in for the last year, we have not been able to hold our annual fundraiser to get the much needed funds to help our big cats with their food and medicines. We are asking you to join us now and help us fundraise to get through the rest of 2021. Your contribution will make a direct impact and enable us to continue to give the  best care possible to our beloved pride!

We want to encourage all activities that keep you physically, emotionally and mentally healthy including exercise, creative expression and connecting with others while simultaneously raising awareness and funds #forthelions. It’s a win-win for everyone!

For 8 days, from 1-8 August, we ask you to choose a task that you can commit to #forthelions:

  • 8 minutes per day
  • 8 km per day
  • 8 artworks (one a day)
  • 8 activities (one a day)

Here are some great ideas that our ambassadors had success with in previous years to help our big cats, or you can come up with a brand-new way of fundraising that no one has done before! You can even choose which activity you want by the lion’s quality it represents and that resonates the most with you:

  • Perseverance – Cycling, hiking or power-walking – set the amount of km you want to complete in 8 days and ask your friends to sponsor you – or even better, to join you! One of our ambassadors previously cycled 4,000 km to raise funds for us.
  • Stamina – Dancing or fitness class – set your goal on how many hours of classes you want to complete in 8 days and ask your friends to sponsor you.
  • Dedication – Make jewellery or a piece of artwork for 8 days and ask your friends and acquaintances to buy the pieces #forthelions
  • Commitment – Ask your friends to donate to the lions for 8 days and on the last day shave your head. #shaveyourmane
  • Connection – Ask your friends to also get involved and do a cool challenge together. Power-walk every day for 8 days, mountain climbing, or do yoga and stretch #forthelions
  • Nurture – for 8 days help those who need it. For donations, you can offer to mow someone’s lawn, buy groceries for them, offer to walk their dog if they are unable. Donate the money you raise to the big cats.

What can you do #forthelions?

Our founders Cathrine and Lizaene have agreed to join in on the challenge. Cathrine has decided to do 8 different activities representing 8 qualities that lions radiate such as strength, courage, perseverance and a-lion-ment. Join our founders and become an ambassador today and do something #forthelions. They need your help now!

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  1. Should you wish to take part in the challenge, click the Fundraise button at the top of this page and set up your fundraiser. By sharing your videos and images on social media and tagging @pantheraafrica, you will help us to encourage more people to join, donate and share OR
  2. You can copy paste this link onto your social media platforms  and share your heartfelt message encouraging your friends and family to support and donate towards our worthy cause. Remember to tag @pantheraafrica and use the hashtag #forthelions.

On completion you will receive a certificate as well as a Virtual Medal from the pride. Most rewarding is the feeling that you have made a difference for the lions in South Africa – both by spreading awareness and donating funds – and helped ensure that the species and the Panthera Africa pride are taken care of.

A roaring thank you on behalf of the pride.