A message from a White Knight!

My message today to humanity is to release all fears and become fearless!

What are you so afraid of? Why make up so many fears with the only purpose of holding you back? To release one’s inner strength and power is the biggest gift you can honour yourself and your surroundings with.

Who are we not to thrice and reach our goals/purpose in life? The challenge often falls on letting the mind override the purity of the heart. The constant comparison against oneself and others – it is what is separating people from their true selves and inner peace.

You are all wonderful in your own beings, and it’s time to start to believe and trust in yourselves. As you start to listen within your heart will lead the way. Lizaene and Cat are two prime examples of this, and it is for the world to look at and be inspired.

To follow one’s heart, take courage and bravery, and the beauty of it is that we all have it. We all have it, just dare to let it shine through. You are fearless in certain areas of life, like a mother protecting her child, or a father’s protection over a family. We all possess the qualities, and today is a good day to ignite their spark inside and let ourselves be fearless in pursuing peace within ourselves, around us and by doing so creating peace on earth. Dare to sit still without interruptions and just open your sense. Truly listen around you, smell what is in the air, see with the eyes of beauty and truly give gratitude for being on earth and being able to love your closed ones. I have experienced the closed ones that only know how to hate others as the self-hatred is so enormous, yet I have also met the most open hearts who dare to open their heart and soul to love. The thing is – we are all the same – the love inside is all existent within – we are just to scared to love oneself as we don’t always feel worthy. But no matter what you have done to yourself or to others, or allowed others to do to you – the answer is forgiveness, and that is the healing power of your own heart!

We all are here to learn and go through different experiences in life, and as we learn and evolve from these “happenings”, we manage to overcome the greatest of challenges. Challenges that we never through possible – yet we do! Isn’t that bravery? To stand in the depths of hardship and move through is as courageous as we can be, and our limits are tested.

So wherever you are in the this point in life, dare to take some time to just breath, look at the situation you are in and ask: What am I supposed to learn from this? Is there something I am not seeing? If I look deep inside and I am honest with myself – can I do something to ease the situation I am in? What is the kind thing to do? If I look at the situation with an eagle perspective and detach emotionally – what is the bigger picture?

As humans learn to detach emotionally, detach from the outcome and trust that the process will unfold as it should, many struggles will ease and solutions will be found quicker.

Hope and love is within all of us – all beings are fuelled with divine love, and its time we start seeing and acknowledging it in every person you meet. Everyone is here to learn, so what can you do to grow and heal yourself? If everyone goes within to heal oneself and respect and accept others as they are, the journey ahead for all of us will be filled with kindness, compassion, awareness and love.

Reach within and you will find your own paradise!

In honor and love,

Oliver – the knight of the rising suns