A poem from Lynsey

We received this beautiful poem written by Lynsey who has been with us for 2 years as volunteer coordinator and who recently went back to her home country Scotland. “Thank you Lynsey for all you have done for the pride here at Panthera Africa.  We  miss you a lot and wish you the best of … Read more A poem from Lynsey


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Enrichment Program & Team Building

Enrichment Program

Get excited!

Panthera Africa believes in enriching our captive big cats’ lives through a variety of activities. Our certified enrichment program will include:

  • Feeding enrichment – meat is either hung, hidden or attached to an obstacle
  • Sensory enrichment – different smell, tastes, textures are used
  • Physical enrichment – animal must jump, climb, chase and catch different obstacles
  • Environmental enrichment – move or add objects/structures in enclosure

We also offer the opportunity for visitors to experience the enrichment program – seeing, hearing and capturing these precious active moments.

Team Building

Build memories of a life time!

We offer the unique opportunity for both big and small groups of family, friends or Companies to be hands-on involved in our enrichment program. The day will consist out of two parts – First part (morning) will be where creativity and teamwork play a big role with the making of toys, building of natural structures and creating enrichment through different smells, textures and objects. You will then have the pleasure of enjoying a lovely lunch basket in our beautiful surroundings, before heading off to the second part of the day which includes the implementation and observation of the various enrichment activities made earlier. And remember – the more creative you are with the making of the enrichment, the better reward you will get when the animals receive their treats. So let yourself loose, and be ready for some action and lots of fun!

Special arrangements involved – pre-booking is essential
Price will depend on amount of people and equipment required


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